200+ Transistor Circuits (TalkingElectronics) - new and synced PDF and EPUB build

written on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Disclaimer: I do not benefit from this work, and I do not sell kits from this manual - all original links are saved, and Colin is the only source of them. In the original doc some circuits are used without any original authorship specified - this is something to be checked and fixed.

There is a great project in the Internet named "200 Transistor Circuits", created by Colin Mitchell. It's a collection of small, but very useful and workable circuits, perfect for understanding the practical aspects of electronics and training your soldering skills. It is mainly intended for the beginners: they can build a lot of circuits, which can be lately used as parts of more complex circuits like 'contruction bricks'; experienced users can also enjoy it a lot.

At the end, it is how you really should learn electronics - by doing it :D

This project exists for quite some time, and it incorporates circuits not only from Colin himself, but from quite some sources over the web, like EDN, etc. The difference is, that the circuit usually - but not always - should be built and tested to get there, although sometimes - rarely - they do not work the way you expect them to work. Sometimes I find some strange behaviour of the circuit, or that the circuit does not really work at all - it makes it even funnier in reasonable quantities, of course.

It's all good, but the project itself lacks a good offline version - which should be usable on the Kindle-like devices, with electronic ink screens, with proper internal navigation, content section and so on. In addition, the PDF version of the document is behind the online version of the document for at least half of the year. So, I decided to produce fully up-to-date version with all necessary features myself, merging two books in one along the way - because they reference each other internally, and should not really be viewed as separate entities.

So, here is the the quick sum of the project:

  • Pandoc Markdown was used as a markup language
  • Project is absolutely free and available as the github repo here
  • Several builds of documents can be found there:

    1. 200_transistor_circuits.pdf - with all photos
    2. 200_transistor_circuits-light.pdf - without photos, ~13 pages shorter, more optimized for ebook readers.
    3. 200_transistor_circuits.epub - EPUB build of the lightweight document.
  • With all questions about the circuits and for buying kits - write directly to Colin

  • Pull-requests, fixes and improvements are welcome; make sure fixes to the Coin's circuits reach Colin.

The build will be maintained and syncronized regularly, - if you spot the difference, just let me know.

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