Small Board Jaws for Weller

written on Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Weller is a good circuit board holder, probably the best design you can buy for a reasonable amount of money. Still, it has certain number of drawbacks, and one of them is very flimsy and troublesome clamping of small (9x9 dots and less) *boards either in the traditional horizontal position of jaws or in the vertical position, as grooves are either too deep and do not allow access to the whole soldering area or the load is unevenly distributed between the jaws and rotation of the board becomes very problematic due to overall freeplay of the construction.


I tried to address the issue with as simplest possible approach using materials and tools available to any electronics enthusiast, and here is a result:

... ... ...

The following materials have been used in order to build the board:

  • pieces of stripboard, cut to the necessary form with the modelist's fretsaw
  • 1mm copper enamelled wire cut to the 17.5 mm length, 6 pieces
  • I used standard cheap non-fibreglass phenolic boards and it was perfect

  • cut out two separate details, and file off the differences

  • cut off grooves for PCBs
  • the enamel was stripped off the ends of pre-cut wires
  • tap prepared pieces of wire into the board, combine the jaw
  • solder pieces to board (I used 25w soldering iron for this)! You might need to file the ends of wire additionally depending on the diameter of the hole

Also, please note, that the ability of the metallic holding hand to manoeuvre should not be affected by the jaws, thus the space between it and the jaw it's mounted on should be taken into account.


  • It was discovered, that it's impossible to use component holder for the boards smaller then the sponge, as i simply won't get through the opening of the "added" jaws. The following design of the "board" part was proposed to fix an issue:


That's it for the moment!

Make it, use it, and have fun!


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