Lightweight build: Mavic Cosmic SSC rims and Tune hubs

written on Monday, March 31, 2014

Recently I've build the pair of very interesting wheels for my friend and colleague Mark Buttner. Here is the spec:

  • rims: Mavic Cosmic Carbon SSC
  • hubs: Tune Mag 170 & Tune Mig 70
  • spokes & nipples - Sapim CX-ray & Sapim special internal brass nipples
  • spoke number: 16 spokes in front and 20 spokes in rear wheels.
  • lacing: front - radial, rear - 2-cross rear.
  • spoke length: 264mm front, 274mm DS & 278mm NDS - rear.

I can not say the build was a particularly easy one, but the result seems to be fine and looks great.


Initially the wheels were was all wrong: twisted spokes here and there demonstrated the absence of the special holding key for bladed spokes, resulting in a simply ugly build. When I dismantled the wheel, it was found that the initial builder had used traditional alu nipples, turned upside down, which is absolutely wrong - you are obliged to use special type of nipples with a head prepared for the rim with the internal nipples. As I think a weight gain from alu nipples doesn't worth a hassle it produces in future, I've used the brass Sapim nipples.

For the moment, my friend is happy and I'm waiting for his feedback from using of them. Meanwhile, I've done some nice shots of them:




That's it!

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