New Mavic XM 819 true-UST rims - on the scales!

written on Friday, January 24, 2014

Last year I decided to completely abandon Stan's world, because for me true UST system is simpler, more robust and gives better riding feeling in general. All past season I've been racing on Mavic XM-819 rims paired with Continental X-King 2.4 UST tires, and I have been able to run as low as 1.2 bar in the front wheel! In the same time, the rim+tire combo is really heavy: around 500 gramms per rim with 32 eyelets + 740 gramm of the tire. And finally - although a bit late - Mavic updated its line of UST rims with the new assymetrical versions of XM-819 and added absolutely new EN-821 21mm-wide rim; both models are available in 26/29 wheel sizes and are enriched with nice extrusion for a weight reduction.

So, I ordered a pair of new 819 rims for my new 26er build: here they are, weighted and pictured - enjoy!






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