Cyclocross de Hautecourt-Romanèche and Cyclocross de Voiron

written on Monday, November 18, 2013

Hautecourt-Romanéche, Ain, 09.11.2013

The track of Hatecourt-Romanéche is really short and technically is rather simple, but the grass and the soft terrain here play the role of the spice, small amount of which can completely change the taste of the food :) Heavy rain the day before just increased the difficulty, making riders choose unobvious lines and making them understand the cross basics about carrying and saving speed through the corners.

There was just 14 participants, so even small jams can not really affect your time. The start was not bad, all riders were quickly distributed all over the track after the first half, and time trial on the wed and deep grass started. One more time I realized, that the track can really change after couple of laps under the wheels of senior category, requiring chaging tactics. I was fixed on the 8th position, not being able to approach myself to the 7th position, and on penultimate lap I was passed by Julien Maitre and Lionel Genthon, who were fighting for the 1st and 2nd place, effectively ending my race.

And what about the basics? The basics, which have been hardly studied from this race, are:

  • Save the speed - the speed should be maintained over all the track. You should try to carry as much speed as possible through each corner, each uphill.

  • If running the uphill allow you to maintain the speed, run.

  • If running the corner allow you to maintain the speed, run.

  • Run the flat sections, if it's to bumpy and do not allow you to get enough speed on your bike.

  • Inertia is the key to save the speed before the run-up. It will relieve a bit of the pain in the beginning of the run-up.

Look at pros. Sometimes they do not even bother themselves with the attempts to riding the uphill - they immediately start to run. Gods like Sven Nys ride the difficult section where everybody else runs mainly during the last laps, keeping it as a secret weaponto make - or to close - gaps over other riders. But - there is strong and mighty but - average Joe, like me, is very far from his level of skill, power and equipment, so the choices for him do not suit me, that's obvious. In other words, do not follow the fashion - follow the reality of life. Running can be damn better than slowly pushing uphill on a bike.

Voiron, Haute-Savoie, 17.11.2013

Although the cross is all about your physics, technical skills and strategy, it also, like the majority things in life, influenced by luck, it presence or absence. Effectively, I've got everything to have a good race: there were 80 participants in the race, I've started from the 4th line; the single chainring system worked flawlessly, and I was fully concentraced on riding track cleanly and slowly progressing, but the small stone, jammed between the derailleur cage and the pulley during pushing up to the hill, ended up my race by rupturing the rear derailleur in two pieces and damaging the derailleur hanger.


That's all for the moment! Stay tuned and happy crossing!

Many thanks to André Cavazanna and Crancycles for providing this wonderful photos from the cyclocross races in general and this especially.

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