Cyclocross de Rennaz, race report and gallery

written on Monday, November 11, 2013

The the next there was UCI C2 in Rennaz, canton Valais of Switzerland. The weather was awful, the wind was blowing, periodically it was heavily raining; the parcour was mainly situated on the field, which guaranteed the tons of mud and good portion of run-ups. No chances without the second bike, just no chance at all.

Our club was presented by two desperados, two hot heads - Aloïs Falenta, the local powerful crossman:


- and Jean-Pierre Prudentino, who has decided to remove dust from his cross bike this year and come back in bussiness.



The later even broke the rear derailleur during the warm-up, effectively reducing the number of bike in his disposal to one.

Although swiss top guns prefered the taste of mud with the flavour of belgian beer, i.e. Flanders, to their home fields, the field was extremely concurent. Ralph Näf and Lukas Fluckiger, famous MTB riders, were there; Clément Venturini, cyclocross specialist, professional from Cofidis, 2010-2011 junior cyclocross world champion was there; Fabien Canal, french MTB specialist; Marcel Wildhaber, professional from Scott-Swisspower, also cyclocross specialist.



With that level of riders the results was everything but predicted.

Arnaud Grand scored the holeshot and was the leader of the race for the biggest part of the race:


Lukas Fluckiger was in the charging mode trying to approach to the leader:


Ralph Näf was slowly, by constantly, progressing up:


- while Clément Venturini was jammed around the 7th position for quite some time, fighting for the good lines:



Riders from UC Gessienne were placed around the 20th position for the majority of the race, effectively progressing from the thirties positions.




With the accumulating mud on the bike JP started to slow down; later on he decided to abandon the race - also because it became to be next to the impossible to ride. Aloïs, in its turn, was able to finish on the same lap as leaders on the 18th in the really nasty and gloomy weather conditions, against the storm wind. Venturini was able to find the legs and pushed to the first place with the gap of almost 17 seconds to the closest pursuer; Arnaud Grand finished second and Ralph Näf finished third.

So, this was the hard and difficult cyclocross of Rennaz in Switzerland. All the photos from the race could be found here.

That's all for the moment! Stay tuned and happy crossing!

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