Cyclocross de Rumilly 27.10.2013

written on Sunday, October 27, 2013

The race itself was fun, from one point of view, and a disaster from the another. The track was quiet easy: almost no serious u-turns, no serious run-ups, a lot of straight sections, even with asphalted paths, which just needed road power - in other words, in Rumilly legs defined more than any other skill. The weather conditions were not anything special, with a bit of rain before the race, but overall it was warm and humide.

Unfortunately, I've started from the last line and had to fought back through the race.


first runup

As the result, I was really charging for the several first laps in order to catch up with train, not having any possiblity to breathe freely. I enjoyed the wide lines and pushed to the limit of the grip of my Clement Crusade PDX clincher tires, resulting in a bit of gliding in corners; also, the rims were definitively hit couple of times due to the low pressure in tires.


Towards the middle of the race I was able to move close to the middle of the pack, but that was all I was able to show. The engine was burned out, no fuel in tanks, and I had to start just finishing the race - well, at this moment it was already more time-trial than a race :)



In addition, just before the leader lapped me, my front wheel went out of control in 90-degrees turn with gravel and pebbles, and I've fallen and badly scratched the left knee.

Also, bloody marchalls did not correctly registered my result, and instead of being the 21st, as it can be easily seen on the photos, my finall ranking converted to the the 31st, which is definitively impossible considering the number of people I passed.

So, summarizing all lows and highs of the day:

  • I should keep closer to the announcer - usually, if you are not in the call list, this is your only chance to occupy relatively good starting position and not to be stuck behind slower guys initially and therefore loosing precious time.

  • Although track was technically simple, I underestimated the gravel parts and some other places, resulting in the small errors here and there and loosing time in places where I could gain it; also I've fallen due to weakened concentration.

  • The good point is the fact, that I pushed the big chainring - 46 teeth - all the time, thus proving that at least I can try 1x9 transimission: 42 * 11-27 - effectively eliminating the front gearshifting.

  • The tire pressure for this race was 1.65/1.85 Bars in Front/Rear wheels with Michelin 22-23 Latex tubes; I've badly bottomed out couple of times and haven't liked the feel. So, probably I should increase the lower limit and pump around 1.75-1.90 in the front wheel and 1.95-2.1 in the back.

  • I'm using the Shimergo 9-speed setup, and it worked flawlessly until the very last moment when the right shifter jammed. This fact forced me to investigate the situation, and I found, that the return spring of the upshift gear lever is not strong enough to always return it to the outermost right position; this somehow results in a jam when you what to down-shift with a thumb-lever of Campagnolo. So, for the moment the workaround is to move manually the lever with the fingers to the extreme right position, and this un-jams the down-shift. Ideally, the spring either should be replaced, or correctly pre-loaded during rebuild. At least, now I know the reason and can think about a proper solution.

That's all for the moment! Stay tuned and keep crossing :)

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