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written on Wednesday, October 16, 2013

05.10.2013 - Cormoz, Ain, France

Small, compact, but very good and technically difficult race. The track proposed by organizers offered something like 4-5 remounts per lap on 3 dirty run-ups and 1 barrier section, 2 muddy U-turns, 2 U-turns with pebbles on them, what makes them ore dangerous and difficult, 3 rideable uphills (one of the was the asphalted), plus mud and grass almost everywhere - all this guaranteed me a lot of fun and pleasure. Weather was unstable, but relatively normal - it had been raining before and after the race, but not during.

Unfortunately, my result was not as great as pleasure I received from the race: leader of the race, the junior world champion of 2011, passed me in the middle of the race, and I finished one lap behind him on the 20th position. Anyway, it was wonderful and motivated me towards next race!

Race perfectly demonstrated, how much I miss in technical field of cross, as well as physically. Hope to get better!

12.10.2013 - Bourg-en-Bresse, Ain, France

Technically the race was simpler and faster then the previous one: no real U-turns, plenty of 90° muddy and slippery turns, one barrier section and one serious run-up - excepting these everything else was rideable. But weather... Weather really went bad before the my race: in addition to quite low temperatures, it started to rain and the wind was noticeably blowing making the weather really cold. I've got the 9th plate and a place in second row - not bad at all! The race departure was not bad as well, but not ideal either: in the first two laps I've lightly fallen two times, my chain dropped once, and I wasn't able to remount normally. But then, I've got the rhythm, found the legs and proper trajectories, and started to progress slowly. As a result - I passed several racers and finished on the 9th place, on the same lap with the winner - mission completed and my best personal result in Cross ever!

As a quick resumé, I'd like to re-post and remember some useful thoughts, which I've found here:

  • About mind strategy:

    I realized I needed to develop strategy; a strategy that eventually became what I like to call careful post-race positive analysis.

    Instead of focusing on the parts of the race that didn’t go well, I’ve found it much more helpful to acknowledge where I made mistakes during the race, but dwell on my successes.

  • Higs and lows of sport:

    ... being able to manage highs and lows can be the different between a good ’crosser and one who never managed to live up to their potential

    One of the keys to becoming a successful cyclist is to make the highs lower, and lows higher; to exhibit a consistently positive mental approach to both training and everyday life regardless of the results in any particular race.

That's all for the moment!

Stay connected and happy crossing :)

UPD: Finally, I was able to find some photos from 'cross of Bourg-en-Bresse:





Many thanks to Crans Cycles, André Cavazzana for the photos!

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